borjo coffeehouse

- all events free and open to all ages -
- all shows start at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted -

wednesday      1/21      Mack Against The Wall
                                        w/ Captain Howdy

thursday           1/22       Nathan Story

friday                1/23       Mimsey Mack

saturday           1/31       Paintnite (reservation required)

friday                2/06       PC Guitar Duo w/ Itís Hard to Say

saturday           2/07       Paintnite (reservation required)

sunday              2/08       The Oarsman


tuesday             2/10       Von Strantz

wednesday       2/11       Matthew McAllister  w/ Logan Vance

saturday            2/14       Paintnite (reservation required)

friday                 2/20       Jason Ross

saturday            2/21       
Paintnite (reservation required)

thursday            2/26       Gypsy Lights

friday                 2/27       Mimsey Mack

saturday            2/28       Paintnite (reservation required)






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